Composer | Copyist | Engraver


Typesetting / engraving music to a high standard, for publication or for performance. 


Whether you have a previously hand-written score that needs inputting into a notation software (such as Dorico, Sibelius, or MuseScore), or a file that needs finishing to publishing quality - I can assist you.

With several years of experience using programmes like Dorico and Sibelius, and a familiarity with the shortcuts that make the work easier, a score can be turned very quickly into something even more informative and comprehensible. A polished musical score is a thing of great beauty, and I take great pride in ensuring it is the best it can be - such as making custom lines to match a particular feature in a hand-written score.

The difference clean, well-spaced scores and parts can make to a rehearsal or recording session is vast. I can provide not only a fast turnaround, but you can be also confident that details such as suitable page turns, and ensuring parts are in the correct clef (and transposed if need be) will be taken care of. 

Here are a few examples of my work:




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