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An introductory page to my Green Copyist blog, which contains reviews of environmentally friendly products and blog entries about my efforts to make printing and preparing music more sustainable.


Printing music, especially all the parts and scores required for recording sessions, requires a lot of paper. An awful lot of paper.

With high paper consumption comes the question of sustainability: how can we make preparing music more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, and (ideally) cheaper?

This is something I take very seriously, and have set up a dedicated blog to share my experiences with using more sustainable and recycled products for recording sessions, more sustainable techniques related to music preparation, and the general environmentally progressive actions I am undertaking as a citizen of this world: including switching to a 100% renewable energy supplier, buying Fairtrade clothes and shoes using natural products, and choosing public transport or my own two feet over cars and taxis - even when delivering music to sessions. (I enjoy the general reliability of trains over being stuck in traffic!)

You can read more about this on my blog, The Green Copyist.

And you can follow me as The Green Copyist on Twitter.